Manchester United fans top-up Oyster Cards for Champions League final

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Loyal supporters of Manchester United have already begun topping-up their Oyster cards in anticipation of the long journey across the capital for the Champions League final at Wembley.

Fans are expected to flock from far and wide to North West London for the highlight of the European football calendar at the end of the month and the most die-hard followers are even vowing to make the arduous journey on foot, some coming from as far away as Wembley Central.

Others will be forced to resort to taking the number 83 bus from Golders Green and those coming from the furthest flung corners of the city will be left with no other option than to spend up to 45 minutes on the tube.

“I’ve yet to buy a ticket for the game but it’s planning the journey that I’m dreading,” confessed logistics expert Ian Andrews.


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“I’m coming all the way from Highbury, you see, so I think I’ll have to get a bus before I even get on the tube. And then I’ll have to change at King’s Cross – which is a right pain the arse because I’ll have to do an escalator and two whole sets of stairs.”

“It’s probably as bad as going all the way up to Manchester but thankfully I’ve never had to make that journey.”

“Besides, I hear it’s full of Scousers up there,” he added. “Or is that Newcastle I’m thinking of?”

London Underground have advised the city’s Manchester United fans to top up their Oyster cards at the earliest opportunity to be sure of avoiding disappointment.