Ken Bates buys Leeds United from anonymous West Indian-based Ken Bates

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Leeds United have confirmed that Chairman Ken Bates is the new owner of the club after he bought it from an anonymous West Indian-based Ken Bates for an undisclosed sum.

Bates has claimed that he has bought the club to put an end to speculation and ‘scaremongering’ over the identity of the anonymous West Indian-based Ken Bates.

A club statement read, “This change in ownership from West Indian-based Ken Bates to Ken Bates delivers the transparency sought, and will hopefully put an end to the speculation surrounding who owns the club.”

Despite this reassurance, questions continue to be asked as to why the West Indian-based Ken Bates would agree to sell to Ken Bates with the Yorkshire club on the brink of the Championship play-offs, with the possibility of receiving the riches associated with promotion to the Premier League.

The anonymity of the West Indian-based Ken Bates has caused the Premier League concern with Premier League chief executive, Richard Scudamore revealing they would require full disclosure of who the anonymous West Indian-based Ken Bates is if Leeds were promoted.

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“Football clubs belong to the fans. Anyone who buys a club has a moral obligation to that club’s supporters and the local community to act honestly and in the club’s best interests.”

“It’s our duty to safeguard the future of football for the next generation of fans and…is anyone buying this?”

“No? Okay, carry on Ken.”

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