PC Harwood thinking it’s probably safer not to protest peacefully against unlawful killing verdict

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The Metropolitan police officer deemed to have unlawfully killed a man at the G20 demonstration in 2009 has decided he will not protest against the decision in case he encounters one of those armed thugs in uniforms.

PC Simon Harwood had considered organising a rally to raise awareness of his anger against the ruling, and his anger in general, but has decided such peaceful action would be totally out of character and quite possibly life-threatening.

“It’s just too dangerous,” Harwood admitted. “I know all police officers aren’t raging psychos but there’s always one, isn’t there?”

“Believe it or not, I know of the one such officer, myself. For argument’s sake we’ll call him Pc Bastard Harwood, shall we?”

“Well, as his name may suggest, Bastard Harwood is not a particularly nice character. In fact, he’d be what you call a verminous sociopathic scumbag. And those are only his mother’s words.”

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PC Harwood probably won’t protest

Harwood went on, “Anyway, Bastard Harwood doesn’t take kindly to people acting peacefully and respectfully within the law, and he’s very likely to bludgeon them with his potentially lethal weapon for no other reason than because he thinks he can get away with it.”

“What’s worse is that might even be true because he happens to have a magic shiny badge that makes him really special.”

“So I think I’ll skip the peaceful protest because I don’t fancy getting pummelled for being one of those harmless, innocent people.”

“And besides, I don’t need to worry.” Harwood added. “Because I have one of those magic badges that makes me so very special, too.”