David Cameron criticised for Jamaican impersonation

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The prime minister shocked the house of commons yesterday by affecting a Jamaican accent and shouting ”Kiss my arse, it’s Candy Flarrrrs” at a member of Labour’s front bench.

Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Angela Eagle, at whom the comment was aimed, said “a modern man” would not have “expressed himself in such a ludicrous and outdated way”.

But a Downing Street spokesman said it was just “a humorous attempt at a ‘funny’ accent” and that “most people find David’s impersonations hilarious and not even a little bit offensive or racist.”

The clash came as Mr Cameron used the words of former Labour MP – and GP – Howard Stoate to defend his plans to introduce GP commissioning in the NHS in England, using a number of lazy stereotypes and catch-phrases.

The Downing Street spokesperson continued, “David is trying to make himself seem more like one of the ‘people’, and that’s how the people speak, right? With a bit of casual racism and condescension to women?”

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“He’s simply following in the footsteps of some of the greatest comedy minds our country has ever produced, like Michael Winner.”

Cameron does Chalkie White

It was Mr Cameron’s impression of Lord Alan Sugar, claiming Dr Stoate had been ‘fired’ during the last election that riled some on the Labour benches.

Amid cries of ‘order, order’ Cameron launched into what seemed like a thinly-veiled homage to Jim Davidson.

The Labour party, demanding that he apologise, have accused Cameron of trying to muscle in on BNP territory, though a Tory spokesman countered that the impersonation was demonstrated to highlight the unacceptable face of racism in our modern times.