Unnamed married player helped unnamed team to victory, claims unnamed manager

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An unnamed married premier league footballer recently helped his unnamed team to victory in an important football match, according to his unnamed manager.

The victory, by an unknown score, is seen as vindication of the unnamed managers decision to play the unnamed married footballer despite nobody having any idea who we are talking about.

The unnamed manager told us from behind a screen and with their voice distorted by a machine, “I was absolutely delighted with the performance of all my unnamed footballers.”

“I thought the unnamed defenders were immense at the back, whilst the unnamed midfielders dominated the play from the first whistle to the last.”

“Up front we were clinical, and yet again our unnamed forwards showed the skill which has made them the best known unknown footballers in world football.”

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Unnamed married footballer

Fans of the unnamed club have said that as the season enters its critical phase, they are delighted by the form shown by the unnamed married footballers.

One unnamed fan told us, “I thought unnamed married footballer was incredible again during the match, which is all the more impressive when you consider we can’t say anything about him.”

“All of my kids now want Unnamed Premier League Footballer on the back of their shirts, he’s an inspiration to them all.”

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