Woman uses super injunction to prevent identification as Andrew Marr’s sexual partner

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An unnamed female journalist has taken out a super injunction to prevent her identification as the woman who agreed to have sex with Andrew Marr.

Marr has admitted he took out a gagging order to prevent details of an affair coming to light, but has agreed not to pursue it further forcing the woman to issue her own injunction for fear of the embarrassment it might cause.

Political correspondent Michael Davis told us, “This is obviously a very low point in her own personal history, and people knowing she willingly rutted with Andrew Marr could do untold damage to her reputation.”

“How could people trust her judgement ever again? This is Andrew Marr, remember. You’ve seen his picture, right?”

“Would you want people to think you regularly debate politics with him? Of course. But there is no way you’d want people to mentally picture you wrapped in his post coital embrace.”

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Andrew Marr gagging order

Many privacy campaigners have backed the move by the unnamed female journalist, insisting lapses in judgement on the scale of her own should not haunt your professional life forever.

A spokesperson for privacy group None Of Your Bloody Business told us, “We have no idea what mental stress she was under at the time she agreed to get into bed with a naked Andrew Marr.”

“But I think we can all safely assume she wasn’t quite the full ticket at the time.”

“She has every right to keep this unfortunate episode out of the media spotlight, no matter how unbelievable a story Andrew Marr having an extra marital affair might be.”

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