Argentinians urged to try bigger horses

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As Katie Price survived unscathed after her car crashed into two horses in Argentina, locals have been urged to try again but perhaps this time with bigger animals.

Price and her new penis-attachment Leandro Penna are said to be unharmed after two horses mysteriously appeared in the road before them.

A shocked Price told reporters “They came out of nowhere, as if someone hidden behind a hedge had thrown them into the road in front of us – it was strange.”

“If my face wasn’t stuffed so full of toxins that it is now completely incapable of displaying emotion, then right now it would be doing ‘shock’.”

Katie Price hits horses

The news of Price’s survival has been met with surprise back in the UK, with one entirely-sane person telling us, “I don’t know how big horses get, but something the size of a bus would probably do it.”

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“I’ve never been to Argentina, do they have Rhinos? They would be better I think, if we’re looking for a definite result.”

Meanwhile, the dead horses have received universal praise for their selfless act.

Argentinian Vet Diego Tevez old us, “Is there a more noble way to go than trying to make the world a better place for those you leave behind? I think not.  They will not be forgotten.”

The final word went to a London resident calling himself ‘Pedro Andrew’ who said, “Look, let’s not mess about denting cars left, right and centre.  Someone get Prince Philip on the blower and we’ll get this done properly.”

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