Apple Computer to sue God for trademark infringement

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Apple Computer has today filed a lawsuit against The Almighty for copyright infringement over use of the name “Apple”

Representatives of Apple Computer have insisted that God violated it’s patents and trademarks when He created the popular edible tree grown fruits.

“It’s a blatant infringement of our long held trademarks.” claimed an irate Apple Spokesperson

“Our customers could quite easily mistake a Cox’s Orange Pippin for the new iPad 2 and then who knows where we would be.”

“It’s just not acceptable to us that an organisation such as this, with the infinite resources available to God, should steal the ideas which we’ve worked on for so long.”

“As we also believe that God created all things, then we must also therefore assume that God is the creator of this impostor version of Apple and will therefore fight Him in the courts to defend our trademarks.”

Apple celestial patent infringement

This claim is the latest in a series of claims filed by Apple against companies such as Nokia, Sony Erricson and Motorolla.

It is rumoured that Apple is also considering taking action against the English Language over it’s repeated use of the letter ‘i’ and against the makers of painkillers over their use of the word ‘tablet’.

God was unavailable for comment.