Sergio Ramos favourite for Arsenal goalkeeping position

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After dropping an expensive trophy from the top of an open-top bus, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has been installed as the bookmakers favourite to be the new Arsenal goalkeeper.

The exquisite handling demonstrated by Ramos is sure to make him a hit at the Emirates stadium, where fans have been treated to some of the most outstanding handling errors in recent memory.

Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman told reporters, “Sure, he’s an attacking fullback by trade, but with that sort of handling he certainly wouldn’t look out of place behind an arsenal back four.”

“What you have to remember is that the Arsenal fans have come to expect the unexpected from their goalkeepers, going back to me being lobbed from halfway by Nayim, to Szczesny throwing the ball at the feet of Obefemi Martins in the final minute of the league cup final.”

“And what could be more unexpected than throwing your new trophy in front of a bus.  It was exceptional.”

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Arsenal’s new goalkeeper

Ramos himself has been quick to distance himself from a move to the Emirates.

He told Spanish television, “I am flattered that Arsenal think I can improve their defence, but I see myself further upfield, making mistakes with my feet rather than my hands.”

“I don’t think what I did was anything special, and I’m sure if you’d stuck Jens Lehman on top of a bus with a trophy in his hands he’d have done exactly the same.”

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