Gordon Brown to apply for job at MFI

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Former prime minister Gordon Brown is to undertake work experience at furniture retailer MFI in order to prepare him for the real world.

The move is seen as a positive step in addressing the gap in his CV relating to financial advice, and paying for things which cost more money than you actually have.

An MFI spokesperson told us, “We’re always on the look out for bright young things to come and get some work experience, but when there’s none of them around we’ll take a former chancellor or two.”

“I think it’s important that he spends a couple of years learning how interest free credit isn’t really ‘free money’ and how these things have to be paid back eventually.”

“I’ll be honest, it was a concept he didn’t really ‘get’ during the interview process, but I’m sure it’s just a development need we can address with the right training programme and a really big calculator.”

Brown to get job

David Cameron told the radio 4 Today programme that he felt a job at MFI was probably not suitable for Brown, but stopped short of saying he’d do everything in his power to stop it happening.

He told Evan Davis, “Working at MFI requires a great deal of financial acumen – to explain those very complex repayment options on some of the more expensive kitchens – and I’m not sure Gordon Brown has the required experience.”

“We could end up facing a situation where people across the country have deluxe bedroom suites and no way of paying for them – all because Gordon assured them they weren’t really in ‘debt’ debt.”

“Putting Gordon Brown in a shop floor position at MFI could be a really bad thing for everyone concerned.”