M1 may have been started deliberately, suggests AA

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A troublesome section of road 193 miles long that runs between the cities of London and Leeds, could have been started deliberately, according to the AA.

The organisation claim the motorway was deliberately constructed as the beginning of a concerted government campaign that would span decades and would continually treat drivers as the country’s go-to whipping boys when they have had enough of punishing the working classes.

A spokesman for the AA said they have strong evidence the road was started in 1959, several decades after Benito Mussolini first recognised the potential for a ‘motorway’ to inflict enormous mental and physical torture upon its users over a sustained period of time.

The AA spokesperson told assembled journalists, “A freedom of information request placed by the AA has confirmed what we had all feared.”

“That motorways are merely a tool with which the masses can not only be controlled and financially fleeced, but manipulated into a frenzy of fear, anger and latterly, violence.”

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M1 started deliberately

The spokesperson continued, “Mussolini was the first to recognise the significant psychological damage that can be inflicted upon human beings when the promise of a big open road taking them to their holiday destinations is swiftly removed from their grasp when they want it most.”

“Often what seems like the most trivial of affair. Like a fire in a scrapyard for example.”

Highways Agency spokesman Phil Dupp disputed the AA’s claim, insisting it was “Absolute nonsense.”

“Everybody knows Hitler was the first to use motorways, and his people travelled quite a distance without much difficulty.”

“Until he got to Russia, of course.”

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