Only man-on-man action tolerated in our pubs is violence, insist publicans

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Publicans across the UK have thrown their support behind a landlord who ordered two kissing men off his premises, agreeing that the only pub-based contact tolerated between males should be the wild punches associated with alcohol-induced violence.

James Bull, 23, said he and Jonathan Williams, 26, were thrown out of the John Snow pub on Broadwick street in Soho under the pretence that their display of affection was obscene and contravened ‘violence only’ policy of licenced premises across the country.

But fellow landlords have offered their support to the John Snow saying it is important that the line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour for males remains crystal clear.

Publican Paul Snatch revealed the concerns held within the industry, “If you want to come to a pub, spend all your money on drink and during the course of the evening you wanna step up and have a swing or two at a fellow punter, then by all means feel free to do so.”

“But if during the course of your evening you feel suitably inebriated as to lock lips with one of your fellow males, than you can expect to be issued with the kind of treatment such a discriminatory act demands.”

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“If two men on our premises are going to spend money to drink together, the absolutely worst thing that can happen is for those men to display overly-elaborate signs of affection.”

“It would be much better for all concerned if they could try and glass each other or break a chair over the other one’s head.”

John Snow pub

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was vehement in his criticism of the establishment, and the industry as a whole.

“I know many homosexual men who feel very uncomfortable drinking in what often feel like 1930’s working men’s clubs.”

“Are we now saying that for a man to freely kiss another man in a pub he must have knocked seven bells out of him first?”

“If that’s the case, mine’s a pint.”

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