Labour’s popularity boosted by not being in government

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With the latest opinion polls giving the Labour Party a commanding lead, members of the party have insisted that the only way they can retain such levels of popularity is to stay out of government.

A party spokesperson revealed “We’re as popular now as the conservatives were before the last election.”

“It seems that nothing makes you popular quite like no longer having the power to ruin their lives.  Who knew?”

“It’s so refreshing having people moan with you rather than at you. Long may it continue.”

Labour popular again

The Conservatives have accused Labour of complacency and insisted that things will change in the coming years.

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“Our target is to achieve popularity in no more than four years time, and we are well on course to meet that objective.”

The Liberal Democrats have set themselves a different set of goals with one member telling us, “Right now I’d settle for just being ignored.”

The Conservative party have moved swiftly to reassure their coalition partners by telling them “Don’t worry, we are ignoring you.”