Bipolar Disorder to become the must have mental illness of 2011, reveals Zeta Jones’ publicist

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Catherine Zeta Jones has defied all the odds by being diagnosed and recovering from Bipolar Disorder in just five days after spending time in an unnamed mental health clinic.

It is believed that the speed of the Swansea born Oscar winner’s recovery will open the floodgates for other celebrities to be diagnosed and recover from the illness in time for their own upcoming work commitments.

Early reports suggest that at least two members of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy have claimed to feel ‘a bit moody’, with Lady Gaga insisting that she feels ‘a bit different to how I felt yesterday’, before consulting Google and telling everyone, ‘that’s not normal, surely?!’

Bipolar disorder, also known as not-quite-as-fashionable sounding ‘manic depression’, causes severe mood swings, that usually last several weeks or months.

Good timing

Zeta Jones’ publicist revealed, “I don’t have any details of when she was diagnosed, but I can tell you that she feels great and she’s really looking forward to starting work on two upcoming films.”

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“No I’m not sure where she was treated, but one of the films is a comedy called Playing the Field and stars Dennis Quaid and Jessica Biel, and the other is a biopic called Dali, in which Catherine will appear alongside Antonio Banderas.”

Mark Davies, from mental health charity Rethink, said the actress had shown great courage in going public and revealing the details of her upcoming films.

“A romantic comedy with Dennis Quaid? That sounds shit!” he opined.

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