Twitter upgrades Fukushima power plant crisis from OMG!! to OMFG!!!

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Microblogging website Twitter has upgraded the scale of the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant from OMG!! to the highest possible level of OMFG!!!

The website, which is popular amongst people who enjoy being ignored by celebrities, took the step after Japanese authorities raised the severity rating of the crisis to reflect the total release of radiation at the damaged plant.

The OMFG!!! Level was previously only applied when users of the site noticed that Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way sounded like Madonna’s 1985 hit single Express yourself.

“It’s important when expressing shock, grief, anger or sympathy using a maximum of just 140 characters that you use abbreviations to highlight your anguish,” revealed a Twitter spokesperson.

“Whilst we appreciate that OMFG!!! will use an additional two characters, we are confident that people will still have enough space to inform their followers what they had for dinner.”

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Twitter crisis level raised

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