Microsoft launches new thing exactly like Google’s old thing

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Technology giant Microsoft has stunned the world of online services by launching something almost identical to that map thing Google did a couple of years ago.

Streetside, as Microsoft are calling it, will be available to all fifteen people who use its Bing search engine and will provide pictures of places they are searching for in way that is definitely different to streetView – yes it is yes it is, yes it is.

A Microsoft spokesperson said, “It is not the same as Google’s StreeView and we resent that implication.”

“We have taken the word ‘view’, swapped a couple of the letters and rearranged them to make the word ‘side’.  In the world of technology that is very, very different.”

“Plus, you know, we’re only taking pictures of places from which we can make money, so we’re being very up front about our intentions. There’s no ‘helping communities’ element to this.”

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Microsoft Streetside

Technology experts have said that just two years is an amazing turn around for the giant in seeing someone else’s idea and bringing out their own version, suggesting they might have finally streamlined their operation.

As one technology analyst explained, “Innovation is the lifeblood of the Microsoft business model, and if other people weren’t providing it then Microsoft would have nothing to copy.”

When asked for their technology roadmap, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “Just take a look at the Google one, change the names a bit and shift everything to the right by about two years.  Bingo.”