Gillian Duffy to interrogate Colonel Gaddafi during ‘accidental’ meeting

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Gillian Duffy is expected to extend her reputation for asking difficult questions by accidentally bumping in Colonel Gaddafi and asking him what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Following yesterdays chance meeting with Nick Clegg in which she grilled him on the coalition’s policies, experts are now intently waiting to see where she’ll end up next.

Political analyst Simon Whitworth told us, “There’s a lot of money on her crossing the Atlantic, and I know the Tea Party movement is terrified she’ll get in front of Sarah Palin, that would be a disaster for them.”

“However it does seem to be becoming a right of passage for all great leaders to be interrogated by this bastion of public opinion. Well, the public opinion of a limited part of northern England.”

“I heard that Obama’s people have been in touch – he’s keen to get ‘accidentally’ questioned by her before he begins his re-election campaign.”

Gillian Duffy interrogation

Rumours are spreading that the UN has been in touch to ‘borrow’ Duffy for a special mission to Tripoli in which she will be asked to get Gaddafi to answer some difficult questions.

A spokesperson said, “Of course, there’s a strong chance that asking such questions in a political climate like that in Libya means she’ll be shot instantly, but after seeing what it did to Gordon Brown’s leadership it’s got to be worth a try, right?”

Meanwhile, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is still recovering from his own encounter with the ‘Duffster’.

A coalition insider explained, “Nick is still talking like he’s on the record.”

“He’s been checking himself for microphones and patting himself down every ten minutes since it happened.  It’s the Duffy Effect in action.”