Jessie J shocked by amount of bear shit in the woods

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Pop star Jessie J has expressed her complete surprise at the amount of bear shit to be found in wooded areas around the world.

Jessie was speaking following a concert in Ireland after which someone gave her a book on bear toilet habits.

She told reporters, “I can’t believe it, I’m completely astonished to see this. Shocked, actually.”

“I guess that because I’ve never shat in a woods myself it seems strange to think bears would do it.”

“I like a walk in the woods as much as the next girl, but it upset me – you know, to learn about the amount of Ursidae excrement all over the place.”

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“And it’s not just in the woods, it seems animals are shitting all over the place.  As a non-public shitter I find that difficult to see.”

Jessie J shocked

Jessie J’s comments have left bear enthusiasts everywhere surprised at her level of ignorance regarding what goes on in the real world.

Bear-lover Mike Williams told us, “What did she think happens in the woods? Did she believe the bears went off to a specially constructed toilet block?”

“It’s naivety of the highest order to think this doesn’t go on.  She should try living in the shit-filled real world for a bit.”

Speaking on Twitter Jessie J was keen to defuse the situation, saying, “I’d like to apologise for any offense my remarks caused, bears are of course entitle to shit in any way they see fit.”