It’s the UK Retail banks that need protecting, insist front-line NHS nurses

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Nurses across the under-pressure NHS have leapt to the defence of an Independent Commission on Banking report which says more should be done to protect UK retail banks.

The report recommends a number of steps which should be taken in order to secure the long-term viability of the high street banking sector, which nurses everywhere have wholeheartedly agreed with.

Banking analyst Brian Waltham-Smythe told us, “Nurses are by their very nature selfless, so it doesn’t surprise me to see them come out in support of increased protection for the banks, even when their own jobs are under huge threat.”

Karen Lee has been a nurse for fifteen years and told us, “What sort of society would we be if can’t all come together to protect the most vulnerable in society, like all those banks on our High Streets.”

“If we don’t do something they might disappear altogether – then where would we be?  This is what government is for, to put in place legislation to protect the vulnerable – and who could possibly be more vulnerable right now than a bank?”

“Can you look in the mirror and honestly say you’ve done enough to help the banks recently, can you?”

Save our banks, plead nurses

Nursing unions have said that although their focus must be on the threat to front-line nursing positions, they are finding it very difficult not to leap to the defence of the banking sector.

A spokesperson said, “Yes, our nurses are under threat, but as medical professionals we recognise that you can’t save everyone, and so we need to prioritise – so let’s start with those people who are most important, the banks.”

Newly-qualified nurse Sarah Williams told us, “I don’t have time to wonder whether or not I’ll have a job in six months, I’m far too busy worrying about the risks faced by the shareholders of our major retail banks.”

“Just help them. Please.”