French beekeepers to protest against ‘no veils in workplace’ law

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Beekeepers across France are organising an official protest against a new law which prevents people from wearing face-covering veils in public and at work.

Since the law came into force many beekeepers have been left without the protection upon which they rely, leading to many horrific sting-related injuries.

As one beekeeper told us through an interpreter, “The veil is an essential part of who I am.

“Just because you don’t feel comfortable around someone with a significant amount of material covering their face is no reason to ban it.

“Beekeepers have worn veils for generations.  It’s part of our culture, and we won’t stand for this ban.”

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France bans the veil

A large number of Muslim women are supporting the beekeepers in their protest, insisting they too should be able to wear a face-covering veil in public.

A spokesman for the Muslim Women’s Association of France told us, “You know the French; they’ll take one look at the faces of our women and start to masturbate immediately – I guarantee it.

“The veil isn’t about using medieval practices to oppress our women; it’s about all the perverts out there that would knock one out at the first sight of a Muslim woman’s nose.”

“We’re doing it to protect them.  Yes, really.”