Slight weather improvement to encourage morons to create weekend traffic chaos

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The sunny weather predicted for this weekend is expected to cause traffic chaos as people attempt to take advantage of conditions that are a little bit different from normal.

Some areas of the country are already experiencing conditions that forecasters are describing as “quite warm for this time of year”.

The slightly unusual weather is predicted to last as long as 48 hours, leading to fears that the country could be plunged into a drought crisis spelling trouble for lawns and flower beds.

Police have warned those looking to head away for the weekend that they should expect long delays caused by people who are thinking exactly the same thing as them.

“As a rule, we tell people that if you think to yourself ‘I bet the beach would be nice tomorrow’, then approximately fifteen million other drivers will be saying precisely that to someone else.”

It is quite sunny, I suppose

“Hot weather and cars can provide their own hazards.” said a police spokesperson.

“Every year I see ruined upholstery as the result of chocolate bars that have melted on the back seat.”

“When will people learn?”

Safety concerns for those that are inadequately equipped for the conditions have led to further warnings.

A spokesperson for St John Ambulance warned, “Make sure that if you’re going out for longer periods that you take a light cardigan or sweater, as although it feels a bit warmer than usual around midday, it can turn a bit chilly early evening.”