Killing Bono audience left disappointed by lack of Bono killing

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Audiences who flocked to see new movie Killing Bono have been left disappointed by the lack Bono killing that takes place during the ninety minute comedy.

Audiences leaving cinemas were surveyed and many were keen to express their sincere disappointment at the inaccurate promotion of the film.

Steve Michaels of Swansea told us, “I know it’s only a film, and they’re only actors, but I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Bono killed on the big screen.  Even when I know it’s not real.”

“But there was no Bono murder, or even significant Bono violence.  I’d have settled for a couple of decent slaps to be honest, but there was nothing.”

Killing Bono

The movie has received good reviews for the actual content, despite the lack of Bono-related violence at any point.

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However one film reviewer told us, “It’s a trade descriptions violation, surely? I could release a movie tomorrow called ‘The Violent Strangulation of Katy Price’ and it would sell out across the country.”

“But people would be livid the moment they realised she wasn’t harmed during filming.”

“So if you’re coming to see this film after seeing the title in the paper, be prepared for a massive Bono-related disappointment.”