Sunday Sport to relaunch in Braille

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Struggling tabloids the Daily and Sunday Sport are to relaunch in a Braille-only format in a last-ditch move to avoid closure.

The move, thought to be unique for a mainstream newspaper, follows advice to administrators from leading media analyst Elvis Moon.

“Over the past years the industry has had to tackle a specific problem – that newspaper buyers are gradually ageing,” said Mr. Moon.

“But the Sport is in a unique situation, in that most of its readers are going blind.”

“The key will be to use a system of Braille that can be easily read with one hand,” he added.

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Sunday Sport in Administration

It is thought that distribution of the newspaper will continue to focus on areas where sales have previously been strongest – particularly rural areas with no access to broadband.

With the paper locked in crisis talks with its bankers, the outlook is gloomy should the relaunch fail. According to an insider, creditors might only expect ‘fworrrr not many of those’ to the pound.

Owners SMG were previously saved from bankruptcy following the intervention of founding proprietor David Sullivan.

Following the company’s latest problems, Mr. Sullivan was moved to issue a press release denying that he was in the business of pumping money into doomed ventures that were locked into a downwards spiral of failure.

Mr. Sullivan is co-owner of West Ham United.