We’re not forcing the disabled to work, we’re forcing them onto Jobseekers allowance, reveals government

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Chris Grayling has reassured those claiming incapacity benefit that assessments to determine their ability to work aren’t designed to force them into jobs, but to force them onto the less costly jobseekers allowance.

The Work and Pensions minister said the one and a half million people claiming incapacity benefit will start to receive letters this week asking them to be tested on how completely worthless they are to society.

The new assessments are part of government plans to increase the amount of blame and finger-pointing directed at people that aren’t bankers and/or tax avoiders.

“It’s important that those who are unable to work don’t go through life completely guilt-free,” revealed Mr Grayling.

“Of course we are completely committed to shaking our fists at bankers and saying ‘grrrrr’ at those exploiting tax loopholes, but as far as taking any action goes, well, it’s far easier to punish those who can’t fight back.”

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“I’ve never understood why people say you shouldn’t not mocking the afflicted – they’re the only ones you should mock.  It’s the physically and financially superior ones you should leave alone.  They’ll kick your arse.”

Incapacity benefit assessments

The national roll-out follows what the government has hailed as ‘completely successful’ trial of the programme of reassessment.

Almost 30% of those on incapacity benefits in pilot schemes in Burnley and Aberdeen were declared fit to work.

“The 30% of people who were declared fit to work were the 30% who ticked the ‘Healthy enough to turn up to complete assessment’ box,” revealed one of the pilot scheme’s assessors.

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