Libyan rebels plead for more things to fire wildly into the air

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Anti-Gaddafi fighters are running ‘dangerously low’ of the bullets they need to fire wildly into the sky for the television cameras, according to reports.

And leaders of the makeshift army are demanding the immediate end of the worldwide arms embargo on Libya in order to ship in tons more ammunition to be fired at random out of the windows of saloon cars and off the back of pickup trucks.

“We are brave fighters, we make an end of that evil slug Gaddafi,” shouted veteran insurgent Ibrahim Rugrug, jubilantly driving his 1994 Toyota Hilux at high speed away from the advancing government forces.

“But without bullets, there is no defiant shooting into the air. And without defiant shooting into the air, there is no war.”

Libyan rebels in arms request

In recent days the western allies at the heart of the coalition have come under increasing pressure to ‘work around’ the wording of UN resolution 1973 in order to keep anti-Gaddafi forces in the field.

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In particular the phrase ‘all necessary measures… to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack’ has been the subject of fierce debate.

French diplomats insist that such measures must principally secure the continued ability of Libya’s freedom fighters to run away at the first sign of Gaddafi’s forces, with further provisions for hasty surrender and enthusiastic collaboration.

Other nations are suggesting the insertion of elite Special Forces outfits, like Britain’s SAS, tasked with training the rebels in the tactics of guerrilla insurgency, desert warfare, and where to go drinking in Hereford.

But the fighters themselves insist that there is no need for foreign involvement, apart from plenty more bullets and camera crews from the world’s major broadcasters.

“We fight, we kill, we are ready to die for freedom!” yelled one fighter near the oil town of Ras Lanuf, pouring a torrent of automatic fire from the AK47 assault rifle above his head.

“Is that OK? Are you John Simpson?”