Tottenham Hotspur begin legal challenge to redefine term ‘bad losers’

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After beginning legal proceedings against the decision to give the Olympic Stadium to a team that deserves it, Tottenham Hotspur have begun the long battle to redefine the term ‘bad losers’.

Tottenham are challenging the way in which the Olympic Park Legacy Committee made the decision to give the stadium to a club nearer, and who plan to use the stadium as it was designed.

Tottenham spokesperson Simon Williams explained, “No, I’m sorry, but I’m just not having that.  We are Tottenham Hotspur, and we don’t lose out to West Ham. In anything. And if I have to get a load of lawyers on the job to prove it them I will.”

“We want the Olympic stadium, and if can’t have that, then we want our own entry in the dictionary, right? Just above Bad Lover and Bad Lower Back.”

Tottenham legal challenge

Sports fans have insisted that they are not in the least bit surprised by Tottenham’s legal challenge of the decision to give the Olympic Park stadium to West Ham.

Rugby fan Mike Williams told us, “It’s lovely to see a sports team completely ignore the final decision of the officials and then go bleating about it to anyone who’ll listen.”

“Did anyone seriously expect anything different from professional football?”

Spurs season ticket holder Ben Goldberg told us, “I have a dream, a dream that in years to come when people talk about bad losers, it will immediately conjure the image of a massive cock. On top of a football.”