Some companies still believe Top Gear is about reviewing cars, finds survey

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Some car manufacturers including US firm Tesla still appear to be under the misguided impression that the BBC’s Top Gear programme is about reviewing cars, a new survey has discovered.

As US electric car manufacturer Tesla began legal proceedings after the show mocked their electric sports car, the new survey has shown they are not alone in giving any weight whatsoever to anything at all said on the programme.

Television owner Sam Mitchell told us, “I’ve seen the Top Gear programme, yes, and it’s abundantly clear to me that it’s just a show about creating highly contrived scenarios in which they allow three men in their forties and fifties to act like children. Right?”

“I mean, ‘can you turn a Robin Reliant into a Space Shuttle’ is the sort of question I’d expect to hear from an eight-year old, and certainly not one answered at extortionate expense on a show purporting to be about reviewing cars.”

“Are you telling me that some people treat it like a consumer advice programme? What sort of moron would base any sort of significant purchase decision on anything that Richard Hammond said, seriously?”

“That would be like deciding on what music to purchase based on which Simon Cowell television show you watch.  Oh.”

Tesla to sue Top Gear

Tesla are to sue Top Gear after the presenters claimed it would struggle to drive over a volcano, would look rubbish falling off a cliff, and would fail miserably in a snow rally.

A spokesman for the firm said, “They made some jokes at our expense, and we didn’t like it.  Yes, that’s about the gist of it really.”

Sam Mitchel continued, “If you accept it for what it is, boys pissing about with machines, then it’s a passable hour of mid-range entertainment, I suppose.”

“But please, whatever you do, don’t mistake it for a serious programme about cars.”