William and Harry insist one eyebrow Alopecia is hereditary

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Princes William and Harry have resurfaced following the weekend’s stag do to insist that one eyebrow Alopecia is a genetic problem that runs in their family.

Appearing after the eventful weekend sporting just one eyebrow each led to many people speculating that the celebrations had been rowdier than we had been led to believe, leading to strenuous denials from the royal household.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson asked that nobody mention the one eyebrow thing as the princes are really sensitive about this definitely medical ailment that has been in the family for ages and ages.

“The Queen mother used to have an eyebrow drop out all the time, but we used to draw it back on so you didn’t notice.”

“And I also think it would be best if no-one mentioned the princes’ high-flammable pubic hair.”

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“It’s not something they like to talk about.”

Prince William’s Stag Do

There has been significant speculation as to what happened on the stag do, but palace officials are claiming the leaked photos of William running round in a bright green mankini are fake.

“Yes, we know it looks like him, but it’s not the future king of England in a Borat wig.”

“You really have to stop believing that you read about the the stag do. Just because it was organised by Prince Harry doesn’t mean it would be like something organised by Prince Harry.”

“It was just a few quiet drinks, some laughs, and absolutely no massively overweight strippers whatsoever.”