Nick Clegg sneaks into AV Yes vote launch disguised as Deputy Prime Minister

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After being banned from the launch of the ‘Yes to AV’ campaign, Nick Clegg has snuck into the event after putting on his best suit and disguising himself as a nobody.

The Lib Dem leader was denied access after Labour leader Ed Miliband refused to share a platform with him, however Nick Clegg had the last laugh by secretly attending whilst cleverly disguised as the Deputy Prime Minister.

“This attempt to gain access to today’s event is probably the most successful campaign I’ve run since the election,” Clegg told his supporter.

“I’m absolutely behind the alternative voting system, and will do everything in my power to make it happen – which is why I’m here, disguised as a complete nobody, instead of up there making a speech.”

Yes to AV launch

Attendees at the event reported a vaguely familiar shifty looking character at the back of the room, though no-one was quite able to place him.

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“Yes I saw that chap, no idea who it was though. I was too busy listening to the arguments of a man who resigned as leader of the Lib Dems due to a drink problem.”

“They really brought out the big guns, didn’t they?”

Clegg left after thirty minutes of waving his arm in the air hoping to ask a question but being continually ignored.