Michael Sheen fearful of being typecast as actor who can play absolutely anyone

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Welsh actor Michael Sheen has spoken of his concern at being typecast as ‘that actor who can convincing play absolutely anyone whatsoever’.

With a back catalogue of convincing performances including Tony Blair, Brian Clough and David Frost, Sheen is already seen by many cinema goers as being ‘that guy who is brilliant at being everyone’.

Sheen told reporters, “Typecasting comes with the  territory I’m afraid, but no-one wants to get a reputation for only being able to play absolutely any role that is put before them.”

“I’m an actor by trade, and sure, it’s nice to get regular work, but every now and again I’d like to get a film role which is essentially the same as the last one I did.”

“Sometimes I look at the wide range of characters I’ve portrayed on the big screen and wonder if people think all I am is a man who is really, really good at pretending to be lots and lots of different people.”

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“I’m so much more than that.  Given the chance I know I could make audiences believe I was pretty much the same person in every film in which I appear. I just need to be given that opportunity.”

Michael Sheen fearful of typecasting

Hollywood insiders have said they have sympathy with Sheen’s predicament, but that he has now gone too far in playing lots of different people to be believable in the sort of role most actors rely upon.

Agent Ari Goldberg told us, “I know Michael finds it tough being the go-to guy whenever a character actor is needed, but sometimes you’ve just got to accept what Hollywood gives you.”

“Sure, he might like the central role in a six-movie franchise, but we don’t feel that audiences would buy Michael Sheen being the same person in two consecutive films.”

“I would suggest he stops worrying, and does what every other Hollywood actor does, accept his typecasting and milk that cash cow until it’s empty.”