Media concern as photographers per violent protester ratio falls below thirty

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There is growing concern in media circles that funding issues are beginning to bite after coverage of the weekend’s protests against government cuts showed that the number of photographers following each violent anarchist dropped below thirty.

With cuts hitting all industries, media outlets have warned that it will soon affect their ability to show you pictures of the couple of dozen people out of half a million that chose to perform for the cameras.

One eye witness told us, “This one kid was throwing a fence into the window of a Top Shop, and if there were fifteen photographers stood around him taking his picture then that’s all there was.”

Former Anarchist Michael Williams told us, “There was a time not so long ago when a violent protester could easily expect thirty or more photographers seeking to capture his every move.”

“You’d often have to ask the photographers to back up a bit in order to get a good run up at the shop window you were charging, nowadays there’s plenty of room.”

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“If it carries on like this, photographers will soon be outnumbered by policemen, then where will we be?”

London cuts protest coverage

There are also calls from anarchist groups which suggest a drop in photographers has significant health and safety implications.

Protester Rufus Dawson told reporters, “Without the near incessant camera flashes every time someone so much as covers their mouth, how can we be expected to clearly see what we’re doing?”

Photographer Shane Fowler said, “These cuts in the media industry are having a real effect on the business of photographing anarchists.”

“On Saturday for example the scrum around the guy kicking the HSBC cash point was only two photographers deep. It was almost possible for a policeman to reach him.”

“A year ago I’d have had to hold my camera above at the heads of at least a dozen photographers in the hope of getting a shot I could sell the the Daily Mail.”

“Photographing public disorder to make it appear significantly worse than it actually is clearly isn’t what it used to be.”

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