Street parties planned as My Family finally axed by BBC

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Applications for street parties are hastily being drawn up by people across the country who are keen to celebrate the news that BBC One sitcom My Family has been axed after 11 long and painful years.

There have already been calls for the government to declare a national holiday that will allow the country to come together to rejoice in what would surely prove to be a day of great celebration.

“I’ve just heard the amazing news,” said one excited license-fee payer.

“With all the bad news that’s around at the moment this will be just the tonic to put a smile on everyone’s faces in a way the show never could while it was on air.”

“I’ll be honest, when I heard the words ‘My Family’ and ‘axed’, I gleefully assumed Robert Lindsay had been involved in some sort of wood-cutting accident, but this is nearly as good.”

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My Family Axed

BBC One controller Danny Cohen apologised for the time it’s taken for the show to be canned, but assured viewers that it will never, ever, ever return.

“It’s gone for good. I absolutely guarantee it, it’s really over!” he confirmed through tears of jubilation.

Cheryl Taylor, the BBC’s comedy controller revealed that the two stars of the show Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker would remain “part of our BBC One comedy family”

“Despite the show we remain confident that Robert and Zoe will eventually repair their completely battered reputations. At least until the repeats start.”