Our expenses are so much more important than all of you, confirm MPs

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Following pressure from David Cameron and Conservative MPs to relax the rules surrounding MPs’ expenses, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has conceded that MPs and their families are infintely more important than everyone else.

While the majority of people face an uncertain future as cuts and redundancies loom, it has been decided by the IPSA (yes, that ‘I’ really does stand for Independent) that life should be so much easier for the people that make such ‘Difficult’ but ‘Fair’ decisions.

“It’s a really hard time for MPs,” revealed IPSA chairman Sir Ian Kennedy. “If people could see the poor quality of the stationary some of them are being forced to use, then it would make them weep.

Sir Ian admitted that the relaxed rules could add “a few million” to the bill, but he was insistent that it was in the public’s interest for MPs to stay in nicer hotels.

MP expense rules to be relaxed

He went on, “Seriously, I’ve seen some the conditions that MPs have had to endure in hotels, with my own eyes.”

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“I spoke with one MP recently who told me that the phone in his room was faulty, so he couldn’t even order room service. The poor chap nearly starved to death”

“I don’t think the public really appreciates how hard things are for MPs in the current climate.”

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