It’s because we’ve heard your other stuff, music fans tell Geldof

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After Sir Bob Geldof complained of poor sales of his new album, music fans everywhere moved to explain it’s because they have heard some of his previous work.

Geldof has released the rather ironically titled How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell after ten years away from music in a move which music fans have dismissed as ‘probably a lot like his other stuff I’ll bet’.

Music fan Mark Williams told us, “No-one ever comes out and says, this album is almost exactly like the last thing we did and you will know it’s us the moment you start listening – but invariably it’s always the case.”

“So you can’t blame music fans for assuming that a Bob Geldof album will sound a lot like a Bob Geldof album.”

“I do like the title though, I’m assuming the album is named after the last thing he read?”

Bob Geldof album not selling

Fans have said that although it’s a shame a man whose done so much for charity isn’t having much luck on the professional front, there is no way they would pay cash money purely for the right to listen to music generated by him.

35 year-old Simon Daniels told us, “Name one of his songs – no not that one, any other one, any other one at all.  And if Midge Ure has a writing credit it doesn’t count.”

“I heard the title of the album, and that’s unfortunate.  Maybe he should have called it ‘Nobody Buy This, Not Even If Your Life Depends On It‘?