Don’t ask us, we’re idiots, public tells Miliband

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The public have reacted to Ed Miliband’s announcement that Labour is to undertaken the biggest public consultation on policy attempted by a British political party, by telling him ‘Why the hell would you want our stupid opinions?’

Mr Miliband is seeking public input into the party’s policy review, but voters have been quick to remind him that the population is made up mainly of complete morons.

David Cameron has sought to ridicule Labour’s “listening exercise” by revealing that the Conservatives Party undertook a similar process after previous election defeats.

“Some of the ideas were absolutely ludicrous,” he joked. “Why can’t we spend less on one thing and spend more on something else. Hahaha, seriously, we still laugh about it now.”

Labour public policy consultation

The Labour leader was unmoved by the Prime Minister’s response and sought to reassure voters of his intentions.

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“Don’t worry about how stupid you might think your idea is.” he said.

“If we get back into power we’ll ignore everything you said anyway. Have you not figured out how this works yet?”

“Wow, you really are stupid.”