Under-10s gun licences to prepare kids for UK comprehensive system

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Children under the age of ten who are issued with shotgun licenses are far more likely to succeed in a British Comprehensive, according to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

The BASC said children would benefit from knowing how to discharge a double barrelled fire-arm when most of their school-mates would be wielding improvised weapons of their own.

Spokesperson Steve Bloomfield suggested the public should be embracing a policy of encouraging youngsters to perfect a direct hit from a high-powered gun.

He told reporters, “School has changed an awful lot down the years, and we feel this is the best way to equip the next generation for life in the modern education system.”

“Parents and the public alike should be thankful that we are now issuing the necessary licenses to ensure youngsters are not bullied in the playground simply for not knowing the correct procedure for loading a sawn-off shot gun.”

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Under Ten’s shotgun licences

Despite every sane person alive believing that a deadly weapon in the hands of a ten year-old is a very, very bad idea, the BASC are adamant the policy is sound.

Bloomfield went on, “Its really does little for a child’s self-esteem to be seen fumbling about with shotgun rounds whilst a classmate produces a semi automatic and places it against their temple.”

“We hope the continued issuing of these licenses will ensure that they are fully loaded quickly, and avoid embarrassing ammunition incidents which can ruin an academic career.”

Parent and Teacher associations have expressed their shock at the issue of licenses, along with police groups from across the country.

One police spokesperson said, “We enforce the law, and currently the law says there is no age prerequisite to own a shotgun. I know, it surprised us too.  So just change the bloody law, please.”

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