Motorists triumphant as petrol returns to price it was on Tuesday

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Motorists were in celebratory mood today after the 1p fuel duty reduction announced in yesterday’s budget saw petrol return to the price it was on Tuesday.

Petrol stations were quick to put up the price of petrol by 1p yesterday morning to allow for the planned reduction, and then dropped the price back 1p yesterday evening, putting prices back to Tuesday levels.

“Nice one George,” enthused one motorist, “You’ve really listened to concerns of motorists and taken decisive action that makes a real difference.”

“I like a government that can take us back to the halcyon days of earlier this week – everything was so much better then.”

1p off fuel duty

Other motorists were keen to point out how a return to Tuesday has lifted everyone’s spirits.

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“I remember Tuesday like it was yesterday,” a taxi driver told us last night.

“Back on Tuesday you could fill up your tank and still have enough money to buy a copy of The Sun to find about how we’re so much better off than on Wednesdays.”

“Thursday is the new Tuesday!” cheered a plumber while honking the horn on his van.

George Osborne has insisted that ministers will be “watching like hawks” to ensure that oil companies don’t pass on the £2bn windfall tax to motorists.

“The last thing that we want to see is for the country to be plunged back into Wednesdays,” he said

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