£26 booking fee is in line with everything else in football, insists UEFA

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UEFA has defended the £26 booking fee for Champions League final tickets, insisting it is perfectly in line with everything else in a sport which pays Wayne Rooney £250k a week and charges £75 to watch a Chelsea match.

Supporters groups have reacted angrily to the excessive booking fee on top of the £150 ticket, insisting they will complain about it right up until their team is no longer involved.

A UEFA spokesperson told us, “UEFA has nice big offices, and a pretty big travel bill, so we have to pay for that somehow. What better way than charging fans far more than the market rate?”

“We’re only fleecing those people who have apparently had the value of money completely erased from their brains over the last twenty years, football fans.”

“What we know is that they will complain, they will bitch and they will moan – but the moment their team gets to the final they’ll happily sell their house and make their children homeless in order to be at the game. Why shouldn’t we benefit from that?”

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Champions League booking fee

The excessive charge has been defended by anyone who makes their living doing anything at all in football.

Football analyst Mike Williams told us, “£26 is only about ten times the price you would pay for a booking fee in any other industry, so in football terms this is actually really good value.”

“Anyone who has every bought fish and chips at Wembley will tell you that ten times real-world prices is actually a pretty good deal.”

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