Doing something funny for money, what do you think?

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Comic Relief is upon on us once again, and the nation is this time being asked to ‘do something funny for money’.

With good causes at home and abroad set to benefit from your generosity, we sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about Comic Relief, and to see if you’re doing something funny for money.

Woman on the Street“Doing something funny for money? Does having sex with a clown count? I’m not saying I have, I just wondered if it counts, hypothetically. Does it? Oh, it doesn’t? In that case, no, I’ve never done anything funny for money.”

Dee Montague, Trapese Artist

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Man on the Street“I think it’s wonderful all these people doing something funny for money. I just think it’s a shame they’ll all go back to being such tedious no-marks for the next 729 days.”

Mike Ashworth, Jargon Translator

George Osborne Popinion“Something funny for money? Man, wait till you hear my next budget. It’ll make you cry!”

George Osborne, Chancellor

Man on the Street

“Why should I do something funny for money? What do you think I am, some sort of laughter prostitute?”

Liam Bond, Funnel-moulding engineer

Happy Man

“I sponsored my girlfriend ten pounds to shut the hell up for thirty minutes so I could enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Troy Stensel, Frozen food package designer

Man on the Street“I’m going to dress up in hideous clothing all day and get people to pay me for it. You know, like those sickly girls at Fashion week do.”

Duncan Young, Market Trader

Man on the Street“I once spent ten grand on drugs and prostitutes in a really expensive hotel.  Oh, FOR money, I thought you said have I ever done something fun WITH money.”

Charlie Sheen, Winner

Man on the Street“I love Comic Relief, all those nice young African children doing their bit to re-ignite Lenny Henry’s career. It’s heart-warming.”

George Russell, Facial Topiary expert

Man on the Street“I can’t watch Comic Relief because of all the disturbing scenes they insist on showing. It genuinely upsets me to see James Corden rolling out his Smithy character. Again.”

Paul McNamara, Nordic Enthusiast

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