Dangerous tax haven still as lucrative as peaceful tax haven, explain Bahrain Brits

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After a flight chartered by the UK to fly British citizens out of Bahrain remained completely empty, ex-pats have reminded everyone that living in a dangerous tax-haven is still exactly as lucrative as living in a peaceful tax-haven.

The Foreign Office has officially urged any Brits without a pressing reason to stay to ‘leave the country immediately’, leading many ex-pats to explain that keeping every single penny they earn is about as pressing as it gets.

“No-one likes the threat of death hanging over them, but then you weight that up against an almost zero income tax regime, and you’re immediately reassured.”

“I think my desire to continue earning vast amounts of money without paying tax is exactly what Mr Hague meant when he said you stay only if you have a pressing reason to do so.  Right?”

Bahrain charter flight leaves empty

Many residents of the gulf state have suggested that although political upheaval is a little disconcerting, a quick glance at their bank accounts gives them all the reassurance they need.

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Mike James, a contractor from High Wycombe told us, “My pressing reason for being in Bahrain is as valid today as it was six months ago.”

“I came here for the cash, and if you think a few dying protesters is going to change that, then you’ve got another think coming.”

“No, I don’t like the thought of the Bahrain authorities shipping in soldiers from other gulf states to suppress any uprising, but the only thing that really frightens me is the thought of paying more than ten percent tax on anything I earn.”

“If the choice is between giving lots of my money to George Osborne, or taking my chances among thousands of armed militia fighting for their lives, then that’s really no choice at all.”