Balotelli to watch next Man City game from naughty step

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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini will make striker Mario Balotelli watch the next game from the naughty step after he was needlessly sent off against Dynamo Kiev in last night’s Europa League tie.

City Manager Roberto Mancini told reporters that Balotelli’s behaviour was unacceptable, and he revealed that he was planning to set clear boundaries for the 20 year-old Italian international using recognised disciplinary techniques.

Mancini told reporters, “I tried to talk with Mario after the game, but he told me he hated me, and when I went to console him he bit me on the shoulder.”

“Then he threw his pacifier on the floor and soiled his pants in sheer frustration. He’s out of control.”

Mancini to drop Balotelli

The decision to be firm with Balotelli was taken after previous attempts to discipline the wayward forward had failed.

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“We’ve tried confiscating his Thomas The Tank Engine DVD’s and his Ben 10 game, but we’ve always ended up caving in.” revealed defender Micah Richards.

“He looks so adorable when his bottom lip starts to quiver.”

“But it seems the boss is making him spend time on the naughty step, I understand it’s one minute for every thousand pounds a week he earns, so he’ll miss the next game entirely.”

Balotelli has reacted angrily to the news that he will not be allowed to play in the club’s next game against Chelsea on Sunday.

Upon being told of the manager’s decision he said, “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!”