Arsenal on verge of signing Tony Adams till end of season

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has reacted to his team’s growing injury crisis by trying to sign 44 year-old former defender Tony Adams until the end of the season.

The move comes as Arsenal continue to miss several first team players, and Adams is available due to his retirement from playing just nine short years ago.

Wenger told reporters, “Tony has huge experience, and after nine brief years away and his time managing in Azerbaijan he will need little in the way of physical conditioning.”

“People will say this is a further sign that Arsenal’s promising season is disintegrating into nothing more than an elaborate joke, but I would say they are wrong.”

“I always said Tony retired too early, and pace was never an issue as he had the benefit of having the first yard in his head.  I only hope he also has the second, third and fourth yards up there now.”

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Arsenal to sign Tony Adams

Adams is expected to go straight into the squad ahead of Saturday’s trip to West Brom, but his imminent arrival has been given a luke-warm response by Arsenal fans.

Season-ticket holder Keith Williams told us, “I like Tony, and some of my fondest memories of Highbury are of him stood in the middle of the pitch with his arm in the air berating the linesman before clapping the referee in an incredibly condescending manner.”

“But nine years is a long time to be out of the game.  Why not Martin Keown, he only retired six years ago?”

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