I must be on the moon to explain about the moon, Brian Cox tells licence fee payers

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Professor Brian Cox has defended the increasingly extravagant locations for his Wonders of the Universe series by insisting that if people really want to understand the moon, the BBC needs to put him on the moon.

His new series is explaining the origins of the universe whilst also showing us a number of interesting camera angles of Professor Brian Cox in some of the most expensive-to-reach places on the planet.

Viewer Simon Williams said, “I absolutely love the show, and found his explanation of how nuclear fusion inside dying stars creates all of the heavier elements in the universe absolutely riveting, but did he really need to be demolishing buildings in Brazil to explain it?”

“I’m sure I could make pretty much the same point in the pub with a couple of empties and some random bar snacks.”

Wonders of the Universe extravagant locations

Professor Cox has defended the locations, insisting that seeing him visit amazing places at our expense is an important educational tool.

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Cox told reporters, “People will always remember me telling them about the origins of the big bang, because I was at the El Tatio geysers in Chile when I did it.  They’re really expensive to visit you know.”

“Or that I explained how we’re all made of Carbon in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu. You can’t do that tip on the cheap, let me tell you.”

“And I’m just saying that the Moon is really important, and I need to talk about it, but there’s no point in me talking about it if I’m not actually standing on it.”

“Let’s be honest.  If the BBC can fund Chris Moyles then it can bloody well send me to the moon.”