Look at this photo of Idi Amin dressed as Joey Deacon, says Daily Mail

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The Daily Mail has today shocked readers by revealing unseen photographs of some of the world’s most feared despots as you’ve never seen them before.

The previously unseen images from the fascinating private albums of the world’s most notorious tyrants have come to light with images including Former President of Uganda Idi Amin made up to look like Joey Deacon.

The images also include Joseph Stalin dressed up like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Eva Braun as Al Jolson, Pol Pot doing a Stephen Hawking impression, and a painting of Ivan the Terrible doing Boy George on the Karaoke with Vlad the Impaler doing harmonies.

Daily Mail reader Shane White told us, “That’s amazing! There’s a picture someone I don’t hold in particularly high regard doing something pretty awful, what a coup for the Daily Mail!”

Eva Braun in Daily Mail

The images were uncovered by a collector and curator of photography who stumbled across the albums while carrying out research into something or other which the Mail wasn’t really interested in.

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The photographs reveal a more playful side to the lunatic oppressors and prompted some surprising comments from the readers of the popular newspaper.

“I’d always thought of Stalin as a monster responsible for the loss of millions of lives, but these pictures show he had a softer side and maybe he was just misunderstood.” said Patricia from Crawley.

“Idi Amin! What a great sense of humour. Takes me back to school. Hahhahaa, you Joey!” joked Malcolm from Otley.

“These pictures show that despite their dictatorial and iron-handed attitude towards their people, these guys really enjoyed dressing up and acting the clown for the camera” concluded Miriam from Stow-on-the-Wold.