What are you doing to save money on petrol?

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As petrol prices across the country topped £1.30 a litre, motorists everywhere are taking steps to reduce their fuel consumption in any number of innovative ways.

With an average family saloon petrol tank costing more than £70 to fill up, drivers are now looking for new ways to cut down on their petrol costs.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you are doing to reduce your dependence on petrol.


Woman on the Street“I’ve been blessed with a girlfriend that can suck a golf ball through a hosepipe, so a couple of litres a week syphoned from the neighbours’ cars is an absolutely doddle.”

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Shane Smith, Mini-cab Driver

Man on the Street“After years of nagging from my husband I’ve decided to try putting the car in third gear every now and again.”

Edith Bowers, Housewife

Man on the Street“I’ve stopped giving lifts to fat people.  Sorry Dave, but the walk will do you good.”

Richard Shipman, Carer

Woman on the Street

“I drive everywhere much more quickly now. I want to make sure I get there before the petrol runs out.”

Doris Williams, Grandmother

Happy Man

“I find it’s much cheaper to buy a new set of number plates each time I fill up than it is to pay for the actual petrol. You should try it.”

Max Davies, Courier