Saif Gaddafi under pressure over friendship with Prince Andrew

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Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif is coming under increasing pressure in his homeland over his alleged close friendship with ‘unelected pseudo-monarch’ Prince Andrew.

Libyan protesters have latched onto Gaddafi’s friendship with the Prince as an example of their leader’s tacit approval of unelected monarchies around the world taking control of a country’s wealth.

A Libyan spokesperson told us, “There is only so much the people of Libya will take.  Sure, we can shoot and bomb them, but if they think we’re forming a close bond with the house of Windsor they will never forgive us.”

Faiz Abdul, a resident of Tripoli told us, “What self respecting Libyan can have faith in someone who forms relationships with those people, who suck their country’s coffers dry with little thought to the millions struggling on in poverty?”

“They shot my friend Raafat the other day, but taking dinner with Prince Andrew? No. That is too much.”

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Prince Andrew Trade Envoy

Paedophiles have also turned on US Financier Jeffrey Epstein for bringing unwanted attention upon their numbers by forming a strong relationship with the Prince.

One such sex offender, who wished to remain nameless told us, “It’s bad enough that we get spat at on the street, without him going out there making it look like we’re all Royalists.”

“Only this morning this one woman screamed at me, ‘You and your sort disgust me, cosying up to those leeches sponging off our hard-earned tax money, oh, and the kiddy fiddling thing’.”

“As if life as a paedo wasn’t hard enough, this is almost enough to make me go straight.”

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