Charlie Sheen, Gaddafi and Mubarak to star in ‘Two and a Half Lunatics’

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Charlie Sheen, Colonel Gaddafi and pint-sized Hosni Mubarak are to star in a new sitcom following the comedic antics of a middle-aged trio who spend their days completely divorced from reality.

The new sitcom will be made by HBO and will show our three protagonists doing whatever the hell they like whenever they feel like it, completely devoid of all responsibility or consequence.

A channel spokesperson said, “Television audiences around the world have been left chuckling at their respective solo shows in the last few weeks, so we’re sure the three of them together will be comedy dynamite.”

“The pilot will see Charlie Sheen having sex with a prostitute in a police station waiting room, whilst Gaddafi shoots passers by because he’s bored – all of this with the backdrop of Mubarak insisting he is now the Governor of California.”

“We see it as the West Wing meets Clockwork orange, all filmed on the set of Joey.”

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Two and a half lunatics

A 24 episode run has been commissioned with filming now underway, and producers have admitted there have already been some onset high-jinks among the shows stars.

A show insider told us, “Charlie kept going on about being the winningest and having Tigerblood, so Gaddafi imported a couple of tigers and put them in his trailer.”

“Oh how we laughed, until he came out roaring and covered in their blood, with a face covered in what looked like Talcum powder.”

“Hosni seems to think he’s the director, giving everyone orders all the time, but we’re all just ignoring him now.”

“To be honest, I don’t know why we bother with a script, we should turn this into a docu-soap and just follow them around. It knocks the tits off Jersey Shore.”

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