Mr Men author creates Little Miss Tax Burden in time for Royal Wedding

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Mr Men author Adam Hargreaves has created a new character called Little Miss Tax Burden in time for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Two titles about the ‘Parasitic’ princess who ‘lives a life of opulence at the nation’s expense’ have been written, Egmont publishers have announced.

One of the books follows her attempts to marry a wealthy Prince so she can spend the rest of her life waving from cars, getting new hair dos and avoiding contact with her Machiavellian grandfather-in-Law.

Little Miss Tax Burden and the Enormous Security Bill will be published in April and will bring to life the struggle facing a Princess forced into spending millions of pounds of other people’s money on people armed to the teeth with expensive guns.

“Any similarity with Colonel Gaddifi’s regime is completely coincidental,” said a publishers spokesperson.

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New Mr Men books for Royal Wedding

Tax Burden is the first new Little Miss character since 2003 when Little Miss Tit Job was published.

Mr Hargreaves said he “thoroughly enjoyed taking the opportunity to highlight the bourgeoisie using the blood of the workers to oil the wheels of their extravagant lifestyles.”

Other planned characters with a royal theme include Mr Stabby Fox Kill, Little Miss Completely Out of Touch With Reality, and Mr Not Really His Son.

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