Liberal Democrats slip behind Colonel Gaddafi in Barnsley by-election

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The Liberal Democrats have suffered a further devastating blow after finishing behind the BNP and Colonel Gaddafi in the Barnsley Central by-election.

Liberal Democrat candidate Dominic Carman polled 1.012 votes, 57 less than embattled Libyan leader Gaddafi in a seat won by Labour with a massive 11,771 majority.

Colonel Gaddafi’s spokesperson said he was delighted with his first UK election, insisting it was so much fun he might give it a go back in Libya, only without the ‘people voting for who they like best’ bit.

Reading from a pre-prepared statement, Gaddafi’s representative said, “It is a magnificent triumph for the Libyan people that we can come here and immediately become more popular than the country’s third biggest political party.”

“Also, the Colonel would quite like to live in Downing Street so we will be looking for further election opportunities in your country.”

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Barnsley by-election

Resident of the South Yorkshire seat said they were not surprised by the excellent showing by Gaddafi in his first foreign election.

Voter Simon Matthews told us, “Sure, he might have killed thousands of his own people just because he felt like it, but I bet he doesn’t break his promises, does he?”

“I bet Colonel Gaddafi wouldn’t get into bed with David Cameron just for the offer of a nice corner office.”

Responding to the result, a Lib Dem spokesperson told us, “This is a blow, certainly, but we are making progress, and we’re confident we can more than double our presence in the Barnsley area.”

“Just as soon as we can convince Colonel Gaddafi to form a coalition.”

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