People who’ve seen UFOs are shit at drawing, reveals MoD files

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New documents released by the MoD which reveal witness accounts of UFO sightings, contain drawings of such a poor standard that most people would be reluctant to stick them on their fridge even if their children had drawn them.

Some of the drawings have neen described as ‘laughable’ by art critics and this has led sceptics to question why people that are really good at drawing never ever see UFOs.

“It’s always the same with these so-called UFO sightings,” claimed one skeptic.

“They always look like they’ve been drawn by a bored 3 year-old, or photographed by someone in the midst of an epileptic fit whilst struggling to find the auto-focus function.”

“Just once I’d like to see one that doesn’t look like it belongs to that kid at school who used to eat the chalk.”

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MOD UFO files released

Some UFO investigators have defended the quality of drawings contained within the files and insisted people should read the accounts of witnesses rather than look at their childish attempts at art.

“You have to remember how stressful seeing a UFO can be, so recreating that on a page is quite difficult, particularly when you’re clearly a gullible moron.”

“Plus it’s really difficult to produce a credible picture of an alien life-form or spacecraft when all the MoD have provided you with is some edible crayons,” revealed one researcher.

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